and the Bottomless Pit of Outros


Images by Adam Goodwin, Photos by Adam Goodwin and Paul Trickett

@ 36 Lime Street: 26th May - 4th June 2017

An exhibition that explored interdisciplinary collaboration and space usership. By bringing together artists whose practices spanned the fields of curation, music, animation, set design, sculpture, photography and video, the exhibition aimed to create a useful space for a multitude of purposes. Evoking conversation between these practices, the installation sought to form within its structure a dialogue of a seemingly adjacent reality. Between an amplified water sound sculpture and a mechanism of looping record players, sculptures and prints, the work aimed to playfully instigate discourse.

Inspired by the “feedback loop” process the installation reinvented itself throughout the course of the two weeks as an exhibition, a performance space, a film set and a workshop environment.

Work by Jamie Cook, Adam Goodwin, James Pickering and Paul Trickett.

Performance by Cooking With Three.